Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hoi An-abstracts

Another reason for loving Hoi An has to do with it’s inspiring architecture.  The city was founded a long time ago in the 16th century as Vietnam’s first port town. As such, the first foreign visitors setting foot on its land left their individual cultural landmarks in the shape of its buildings. They are either old Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese or French, all mixed in with one another in a medley of randomness.

Over the years the paint as cracked and faded with some getting refurbished and others left to patina with time. The colors are vibrant as to inspire bright thoughts on a gray, cloudy day.

Walking the town’s narrow alleyways allows one to get up close and personal with these details. And this little film was made with this in mind.

Hoi An-Abstracts from Linh Nguyen on Vimeo.


  1. very cool. Where did you get the haunting sound track. Sounds like its from the movie "Black Hawk Down" or "Kingdom of Heaven." Happy holidays!

  2. Nice video Linh! Did you take it with the Lumix LX3?

    Let's see Hoi An Abstract in photographs!

  3. The Music is Dead Can Dance, with lead singer Lisa Gerrard who is credited for the soundtrack of Gladiator directed by Ridley Scott-also director of Black Hawk Down. And Yes! The Lumix LX3 rocks.
    Just shot Photos for a post of Hoi An abstracts in stills to come very soon.